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Here and There...

This gallery hosts 24 non digital images covering a variety of themes, subjects and experiences. It begins with a dramatic cloud portrayal of an apocalyptic meaning in the events of September 11, 2001, and includes among others an alluring insight into another realm in "Entering a Celtic Portal", the cloud created fantasy of a lake in the sky in "Lago del Cielo", a spirit's face appearing in the sea mist in "See Mist Spirit", an unequaled vision of Lake Tahoe in "Pristine Prayer", backyard magic in "Mystic Mold", my photographic portrayal of the Native American spiritual way in, "The Red Road", trying to deal with the pressing probability of past lives in "Life Past Contemplation" and my own metaphorical "Self Portrait". In all of the different images displayed in this gallery, I believe my spiritually inclined vision signature is clearly apparent.

The photo entitled, "Dream River" appears on the cover of popular Romanian author Silvia Cinca's book, LOVITURA and the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne Australia has chosen my "Resurrection" to be included in its instructional textbooks.

The Beginning of the End - September 11, 2001 en la luz de la luz
Dream River

"Dream River" is the cover photo for the just
published book entitled "LOVITURA" by noted
Romanian author, Silvia Cinca.

Entering a Celtic Portal
Gullible Lago del Cielo
Asianish See Mist Spirit
Buddha Boy Pristine Prayer
Sea Dreamer Mystic Mould
Self Portrait Past Life Contemplation
Hi Sierras! Cloud Glacier
Fire Diamonds with Peace Sign la Nina
The Red Road Between Spirit Fisherman
Resurrection Anejo
Mauvelous Mood Entering the Autumn

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