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There-apeutic Gallery

The term "There-apeutic" is of course a play on the word "therapeutic" and has been conceived especially for the "There Out There" website. The various images found in this gallery are also concerned with a cloud sphere journey but this time it is more like a "beyond the yon" scenic cruise primarily for the purpose of appreciating the unique beauty, tranquility, mystery, mystical semblance and intriguing attraction of the clouds. This experience begins by one "Stepping into the Clouds" and into a "Once Upon a Time" frame of mind where one then sees "Ancient Cloud Ruins" and many other cloud visions and marvels such as the captivating image of "Two Suns" and finally ending in the romantic farewell message of, "Adios Con Amor". On occasion during the excursion, the viewer momentarily returns to earth to properly view a particular scene. This gallery of 30 non-digital photographs is designed to impart a subtlety serene yet profoundly moving "there-apeutic" experience to the engaged viewer.

Stepping into the Clouds Once Upon a Time
Journey into the Light Enlightened Steps
Ancient Cloud Ruins Through All Those Years
Cloud Abstruse The Icarus Experience
The Sky Writes Alphabet Clouds
Cuff d Cloud The Ghost Guard
Heavenly Achoired Hook E
Ominous Two Suns
La Vista Nueva Marquee de Cloud
Twilight Glory Cloud Contraption
Cloud Missile and Meteor Cloud Dunes
Mysterious Seaset Torches
Clouds Monet Cloud Surfer
Forest Flambe Emerging
Adios Con Amor

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