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A Celestial Pilgrimage
Above the Edge of Knowledge

A Celestial Pilgrimage Gallery

Like the gallery "In Search of Cloud beings", "A Celestial Pilgrimage" is about a fantastic journey though the mystical medium of clouds. But this time we are not looking for Cloud Beings. In this experience we are on a kind of pilgrimage which passes through various regions of the cloud sphere in a quest to reach or at least view from a distance, our heaven, our ultimate bliss. This pilgrimage is primarily allegory although it can seem as real as the clouds. It begins in a place "Above the Edge of Knowledge" and concludes with the understanding that the quest experience is "To be Continued". For this pilgrimage to the sacred place beyond our earthly experience may not be completed in this lifetime.

On the way the pilgrim encounters strange spirits and evocative and metaphorical cloud formations and situations via this pathway through the celestial of the clouds to the ultimate celestial of God and eternity. Needless to say, this non digital gallery can be expanded to further describe and reveal the nature and vicissitudes of our pilgrimage experience how ever long that might take to complete. Except for the first and last images, none of the photographs have name titles, leaving their meaning and interpretation up to the viewer, the pilgrim in the clouds....

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